Engage People releases Waav, the next innovation in convergence of loyalty and payments

TORONTO – October 13, 2017 – Engage People Inc., a market leader in innovative loyalty solutions, today announced the release of its next industry changing redemption solution.

In 2015, Engage launched LRG (Local Redemption Globally) the first global ecommerce enabled loyalty redemption solution. LRG enabled program participants to redeem their points on any client selected retailer anywhere in the world. LRG stands out from any other solution in that it does not require any integration with the retailer and provides a consistent member experience anywhere in the world. LRG has been adopted with clients around the world and is delivering a better member experience with an improved value proposition while reducing clients administration and liability costs.

Engage is pleased to announce the extension of LRG into the retail environment with Waav. Waav enables members to redeem their loyalty currency at any client selected retailer by simply waving their phone over the POS. Waav integrates directly into any of the leading operating system wallets or into client Apps on Android devices. It also requires no integration on behalf of the retailer.

“Engage People is excited about the potential of Waav to deliver real value to program participants and to the program sponsors,” says CEO Jonathan Silver. “With LRG and Waav, we are able to offer a global seamless redemption platform for our clients that reflects the way consumers behave today while still maintaining a flexible cost per point structure and limiting where members can redeem based upon program requirements. Engage’s suite of industry leading and disrupting technology coupled with an incredible global team has continued to drive our growth. We are excited about our future and for Engage to continue to expand our global leadership role in the global incentive and loyalty industry.”

“LRG and Waav, coupled with our industry best SaaS based loyalty platform will continue to drive tangible results for our clients. These products will continue to enhance our leadership role as the most innovative company in the incentive and loyalty industries.”

About Engage People, Inc.
Engage has been a leading service provider organization to the global loyalty, recognition and incentive communities for over 25 years.

We are in the business of engaging employees, sales people, distributors and end customers. It is about more than just employee or sales performance or customer loyalty. The need exists, now more than ever, to engage your participants in a more meaningful and personally relevant way. All of our products and services are designed to deliver a more meaningful, relevant and personalized experience for the participant while delivering a consistent user experience on a global basis.


For further information, please contact:
Jonathan Silver
(416) 391-4563

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