In-store Redemption

Allow program members to redeem at retail locations with our in-store redemption solutions

The greater the breadth of reward possibilities offered by your loyalty program, the easier it is to meet the preferences of your members. Engage People makes this possible with Wave, our in-store loyalty redemption technology solution.

This loyalty redemption mobile app allows for a program’s currency to be converted into a real-time transaction at any local retailer. For the end user, the process is as simple as opening and tapping the Wave mobile app, creating a truly seamless and global redemption experience.

Tailor it to your requirements

The Wave admin panel allows you to limit the number of retailers that are enabled in the program and set the program currency to payment conversion value by retailer, segment and time period.

Simple to set up and use

To get started, program members access their program currency and Wave creates a rewards card that’s loaded into their mobile wallet. Members have the option to add a personal credit card for split payments.

Alerts to encourage redemption

Once loaded, the Wave mobile app will notify members whenever they are near a participating retailer. The app will inform members how many points they have and what their points are worth at that retailer. The message can even include special offers and promotions from the retailer.

Payment is a cinch

When members are ready to pay, they select their rewards card from their mobile wallet and simply wave their mobile device over the point of sale terminal to complete the payment. It’s that simple.

Let members create and manage gift cards using their smartphone

DashPass, the Mobile Gift Card Wallet

Sometimes members want to redeem their program currency for a gift card. Our DashPass mobile app gives members the ability to redeem for digital gift cards in real-time at the point of sale using their smartphone.

Puts the member in control

DashPass gives members the power to buy, send, manage and consolidate digital gift cards from the same retailer into a single card.

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of program members want to use their mobile phone to redeem points.
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