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Podium Loyalty

Understand, Connect, Engage

Relevance is the key to driving member engagement. Whether it is offers, promotions, content or redemption, the more relevant the interaction, the higher the engagement. Podium enables clients to segment and engage their members in ways that are meaningful to the participants and to do so in real time without requiring any IT resources.

At the core of the solution is our data analytics and reporting engine. Engage utilizes a combination of internal loyalty expertise, internal data analytics, external data PHDs and customized data analytics software to match client objectives with targeted segments and identify desired behaviors for each segment. Data analytics combined with dynamic content and real time reporting means that assumptions and offers can be tested with small segments of the database and monitored in real time before deploying to the full database.

The real time segmentation tool is one of the most powerful features of Podium. It allows program managers to connect to each segment differently and in a way that is meaningful to that segment. Whether it is via email, text message or in app notifications, messaging and offers can be created exclusively for each segment. In fact, the entire member experience from web site look, feel and content, base value proposition, offers, promotions, redemption options and more can all be managed at a segment level. That means non-redeemers can receive a bonus 1st redemption offer while avid collectors receive a bonus points multiplier offer. It can even be used to cross sell other sponsor services all based upon targeting non-existing users who fit the profile for the new offer.

Podium is even agnostic to the reward being offered to the member. Whether it is one of Engage’s redemptions offers including LRG, Waav, merchandise, gift cards, travel, donations, event tickets or any other service provider (including program sponsor’s products and services) they can all be offered to members in a meaningful and relevant way.

Podium Loyalty coupled with the Engage suite of redemption offers allows customers to shift focus from rewards management to truly focus on driving real measurable business results for every segment of their base.

Podium Recognition

Get to market quickly and cost-effectively with recognition solutions customized to your organizational needs.

  • +Improve morale and build employee engagement linked to your organizational goals
  • +Recognize your staff’s achievements, milestones and successful collaborations
  • +Our comprehensive solutions provide you with built-in ideas for employee recognition programs

Configurable Recognition Elements

  • +Peer to Peer / Manager to Peer
  • +Spot Awards
  • +Service & Milestone
  • +Social Appreciation
  • +Safety
  • +Birthday
  • +Surveys & Quizzes
  • +Health & Wellness

Podium Channel

A sophisticated rules engine that allows for rapid deployment of your sales and channel incentive programs

  • +Inspire performance improvement within your channel and sales force
  • +Motivate your participants to meet sales goals, reduce call times, improve customer service levels, etc.
  • +Your participants will have clearly defined sales and service objectives, and the satisfaction of earning and redeeming immediate performance based rewards

Configurable Recognition Elements

  • +Sales Incentives
  • +Dealer Incentives
  • +Trade Incentives
  • +Contests & Sweepstakes
  • +Gamification
  • +Surveys & Quizzes
  • +Reporting & Measurement