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To be the global leader in enriching our clients’ engagement with their customers, sales channels, and employees.

Engage is the solution and execution partner for your company’s loyalty and incentive strategy.

For over 20 years we’ve worked with airlines, hotels, financial institutions and incentive partners globally to incentivize and reward employees, channel partners and customers.

Whether you’re looking for a platform to power your custom rewards program, a way to provide more targeted offers to your existing program members, or a gift card and merchandise fulfillment solution, Engage offers a solution that will make any loyalty or incentive program more successful.

Our goal is to provide technology solutions that bring your operating costs down while enhancing the member experience and improving program ROI.

Engage Solutions



The core value proposition of Podium Loyalty is our ability to dynamically target communications, offers and promotions to unlimited defined segments while measuring results and impact in real time. Podium Loyalty offers a comprehensive data analytics and insights engine available at your fingertips.

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At the core of our solutions resides Podium. Podium allows our clients to use a single platform to manage multiple employee engagement solutions on a global basis intertwined with local relevancy and customization. Our rapid deployment and elegantly designed platform has resulted in Podium becoming one of the fastest growing solutions platforms in the industry today.

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The Podium platform empowers local managers/administrators to create, monitor and improve their local campaigns while ensuring a consistent experience for the member throughout their entire program participation. Drive incremental sales revenue and track measurable results through the business rules you define.

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A technology that provides participants with the ability to redeem their points on any whitelisted e-commerce website, anywhere in the world. LRG is the most advanced and innovative redemption solution in the global marketplace today.

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Our patented solution allows for loyalty currency to be converted into a transaction at a local retailer in real time and in the local currency, providing a truly seamless global redemption experience.

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From our proprietary gift card technology that enables pre-activation fulfillment to our merchandise fulfillment platform that consolidates product, pricing and inventory feeds from all of our warehouses, manufacturers, distributors and retailers into one central database ensuring participants are recognized with the reward they want.

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Dash is a customizable mobile gift card wallet that lets participants redeem their program reward currency for a virtual gift card in a retail environment. Participant selects which gift card they want and the Dash mobile app creates a virtual card that can be scanned or manually entered by clerk on checkout.

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