Insights Analytics

Deliver quality insights and customer knowledge to enhance your loyalty program​.

Information At Your Fingertips

Collect, analyze and instantly reveal customer motivations from complex data.
Insights dashboard
Customized Results
End-to-end software: database, ETL, analytics and visualizations. Open API framework allows customization to meet your needs.
In-Chip™ Technology
Best-in-class analytics engine, 10-100x faster than in memory. Easily tears through terabytes of data, eliminating onerous data prep work.
Machine Learning
Discover key insights, augmented by machine learning anomaly detection.

Be Smarter

Simplify complex data to provide analytics that empower you, regardless of technical expertise, with insight you can leverage to enhance your loyalty program.

Eliminate Mashup

Connecting, mashing, cleansing and managing your data is the starting point for all business analytics, and requires significant time and effort. Our Insights Analytics platform helps you visualize your data-scape and eliminate the mash-up

Enable Analysis

Make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions thanks to an intuitive UI with interactive visualizations and dashboards.

Security Governance

Enjoy peace of mind with governance features such as: robust and flexible security architecture, control across all interfaces and users, assurances that security processes are enforced while scaling to enterprise deployments, security for dashboards and data, and custom security options for your organization.

Embedded Analytics

An end-to-end, single stack BI solution that delivers a fully customizable analytics offering that enables users to interact seamlessly with and visualize data
87% of program members are interested in having details of their activity and behavior monitored in order to receive access to personalized rewards or engagements.
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